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Um, wow

Uh, unspoiler warning for FF13 or something? A public service announcement for those playing the game anyways.

I loaded up my game from last night, and during and/or after the loading part in started scrolling text. It looked like general recap stuff except that it said stuff that didn't make much sense.

It turns out that was the latest Datalog Event i'd uinlocked.

They tell you about the Datalog very early, and i read the first one or two Events, but they seemed really boring and repetitive, so i just gave up on them after that. However now i'm learning that a little later on they start containing IMPORTANT information that the main game itself DOES NOT TELL YOU.

I'm not quite sure how this fits in with the idea that FF13 was focused on telling you a streamline story, but whatever. Apparently they really suck at facial expressions and relating things to you in cutscenes, and this was their way around it i guess

Wait, Hope hates Snow and lusts for vengeance? But how does he know Snow "killed" his mom? He wasn't there!

Going back a little further, "eyes filled with rage and loathing"? I didn't get that AT ALL! He just looked kind of confused to me.

Even further back, "From afar, the boy witnesses the moment of his mothers death," so why the hell didn't you show us that in the cutscene? Neither shelleycat nor i remember anything of the kind. Maybe we were tired and missed it. That and the "rage and loathing" in his eyes, and whatever other clues they should have provided in the game itself.

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