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I stopped by the mall on the way home friday and went by GameStop to see what was up with the midnight release. Yes, they're doing a midnight release, and yes, they could still take pre-orders. So i've now got a pre-order for the PS3 version of FF13 :)

I also stopped by the T-Mobile store and got my account set up to auto-pay. I'd tried to do it twice over their website, but the script blocker i have installed kept interfering with the process.

Also, ZOMG!!!!

We have a real living room! With a real table! And a real office!

iyindo and her SO (whose LJ nick i don't remember =/) stopped by last night and picked up the old couch! So we were able to move the futon back and shelleycat's desk forward, and actually put the table out, and now we have lots of room! Yay!

After that shelleycat made some yummy dinner, we watched some Ranma, and then i tried to pick up FF12 where i left off... wow, must have been over two years ago. (Damn, it seems so much more recent than that. I guess i've been in this phase of my life for quite awhile at this point.)

I did figure out why it is i stopped before i got to the end of the game. I was reading through a faq trying to figure out where exactly i was, and got to a comment along the lines of "Reddas will make completing hunts and defeating Espers a lot easier, so maybe you should go do some of that now." So i started doing hunts and defeating Espers, and got bored and distracted by something else before i ever got back to the main plot :)

And while i'm at it, recap of last weekend:

Friday night i was playing Valkyria Chronicles and shelleycat was using the computer. At some point we realized it was about 5 am and we probably ought to get to sleep.

I got up saturday late, around 3pm, though i think shelleycat got up a little earlier. I spent the day playing Valkyria Chronicles and finally beat it with an amazing bit of serendipity[1].

Saturday evening we went to Ruin. We got there early enough to get the $5 entry with RSVP, so we used the savings to park in the lot right outside the club. I believe it was only shelleycat's second or possibly third time to go out clubbing with me and it was her first time at Ruin, so i got to show her all of the cute regulars, and we danced a lot before leaving around 2 am. It was around 3 by the time we got home, and we were probably asleep by 3:30.

Sunday morning shelleycat got up earlyish to go on a trip to the LA County Museum of Art with a friend and see the Renoir exhibit. I got woken up by her getting home about 3pm. Then she crawled in bed to take a nap for two hours while i just read for awhile until she felt like getting up. So technically i didn't get out of bed until 5 pm :)

Of course by this point i'd caught up on so much sleep that i didn't end up getting to bed until about 2 am sunday night, and got up at 4 am to shower and go into work :)

[1]Short Valkyria Chronicles game note for the few people who might care:

I'd gotten myself pretty advanced for the final boss, including leveling up Shocktroopers to get their 4th potential unlocked. Unfortunately the final boss has a nasty habit of jumping away from you when he gets damaged too much. I'd already gone through several runs trying to figure out how much i could damage him without him jumping away, in the hopes that a second attack could finish him off. I had a configuration with Vyse and several others standing around the boss and i ordered Vyse to attack. Everyone else joined in with him, and the boss' HP quickly dropped from full to half before they stopped firing. "Oh crap" i thought, that's well over the amount of damage that will make him run away, and there's no way i can do that much damage with the few remaining CP i've got just using my Scouts. But then all of the sudden Vyse got his fourth potential, a totally unlikely occurrence since i hadn't spent any points on Awaken All, and i see the words "Double Attack." "Wait, does that mean that i get to perform another action (in which case the boss will probably jump away before i can do it) or that he's going to do another attack right now?" Then without pause, Vyse opens fire again. "Wait, is this a special attack, or is it just like a normal attack in which case everyone else will help out?" And then everyone else opened fire too, and the boss' HP plummeted from half to nothing in a glorious fashion :)

Needless to say i had never seen that potential before, and i've never seen it since, though of course Vyse is one of the second-tier characters, and i don't use them a lot. (Though he and Aika are definitely my favorites of the second-tier characters :)
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