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The internet is funnier than i am

My throat was starting to get sore last night when i went to bed, and was sore this morning when i woke up, so i decided to call in sick to work and went back to bed for a couple more hours.

It's feeling mostly better now, and i'm spending the afternoon poking at the internet.

Lots of fun stuff about the "apocalPS3" and the "CODastrophe" yesterday.

(I guess it shouldn't be a shock that the interwebs have picked up on the ridiculous punny names thing from the "real" news)

NeoGAF thread about the PS3 shutdown.

"It Only Does Nothing."

"Due to an internal clock issue, the PS3 was sent back in time to 1999 for exactly one day. During that day it successfully killed the Dreamcast, guaranteeing the success of the Playstation 2 and ensuring it's own existence."

NeoGAF thread on the Infinity Ward strangeness with the "missing" CEOs and the security guards and such.

Original post (in part:)
"Something's going on over at IW. Hard to say if it's good or bad."

One of the more amusing responses:
"probably good though, right?

i mean a bunch of "bouncer type guys" show up at your doorstep and refuse to say why they're there.

im gonna say good."

And about both events happening on the same day: "it's truly a 2/29/10 we'll never forget"

And speaking of PR disasters, about Toyota "moving forward": Not the real commercial i was looking for, but hilarious.

This one isn't quite as good. It starts off subtle but then gets a lot less so at the end.

'Toyota Recalls Everything' is pretty good though.

This is the shortest and silliest of them all (well, of the ones i looked at anyways.)
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