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Jonathan Coulton concert (and Paul & Storm, and Wil Wheaton, and some other guy)

shelleycat and i headed up to LA for the concert right around 5 after helping some friends of her move. We got to the Largo about 5:50 and got to the "will call" "booth" to pick up our tickets at 5:55. Supposedly they started handing out tickets/seats at 6. At 5:55 there were already several people there and we ended up getting seats in the 5th row =P

Since seating didn't start till 7:45 we had plenty of time to get dinner and ended up going to a place called the "Grand Lux Cafe" right down the street. Apparently it's operated by the same people as the Cheesecake Factory, but supposed to be a little higher class. We split the Wiener Schnitzel entree, which included some very rummy red cabbage stuff, and got two desserts, the new orleans beignets and the "creme brulee duo," which included one regular creme brulee and one chocolate creme brulee. The beignets were wonderful, the regular creme brulee was good, the chocolate creme brulee was okay. (It was a little too heavy, and the top wasn't very crunchy.)

We headed back to the Largo after that, and ran into thaisa dieppe and usqueba is in the lobby area. They ended up sitting two rows back and almost directly behind us.

For some reason after we sat down but before the show started i got the sudden idea that i ought to grab one of the lighter apps for my phone. I found a free "Bic lighter app," which seems like a great marketing idea on their part, and downloaded a copy. (For some reason it only had three stars despite being perfectly functional. Even stranger, there were a couple reviews saying thinks like "This is awesome!" and then giving it two or three stars.)

Of course then when the manager(?) came out to introduce the show he told everyone to turn off their cellphones. "Vibrate mode is not off. Silent mode is not off. Off is off." =P

So after he was done lecturing us some random guy came out, who turned out to be some random comedian named Chris Hardwick. So there was an opening comedian for the opening band, and then another opening "comedian" after that before the main show :)

Chris Hardwick had an okay act, some parts were pretty funny, some parts were so-so. The best bit however was probably when he accidentally stepped on Jonathan Coulton's Zendrum and it started playing the intro to "Mr Fancy Pants." Chris jumped back and looked confused and after a couple seconds Coulton came scampering in from offstage to turn it off and then disappeared again. Chris first commented that he ought to have that as part of the act every time, and then refereed to the Zendrum as Coulon's "Dalek device" and picked it up to show everyone while saying "EXTERMINATE!"

Come to think of it, that would be an awesome sound effect for Coulton to add to it :)

So when he was done Paul & Storm came out.

Strangely i don't think they started with "Opening Band," but some other song. But unfortunately i can't remember what it was =P _Then_ they did "Opening Band." I can't remember what all songs they did, but i know they did the Mother's Day Song, their Jonathan Coulton impression song, the Frogger musical, and Nun Fight.

Somewhere in the middle though they did the Chicken Nugget Man memorial song. Before they started Paul said that it was a memorial song, so we should all pull out our cellphone lighter apps, to which someone lamented loudly enough for them to hear "but they made us turn our cellphones off!"
Paul: "They made you turn your cellphones off? Really?"
Audience [in chorus] "yes!"
Paul: "Well i've got the mike now! And i'm telling you to turn on your cellphones, your ipods..."
Storm: "Turn on your netbooks and write a lighter app"
Paul: "you can see the geek faces lighting up."

So i got to use my Bic lighter app after all :)

Sometime else in the middle the people in the green room got a little loud, enough so that at least the front couple rows of the audience could hear them. Paul asked us "can you hear that?" and when we said yes, he walked backstage and "yelled" at them. So then they came out and mock-glared at him. The group included Jonathan Coulton and Chris Hardwick of course, but there was a third person who looked suspiciously very much like Wil Wheaton. After which Paul commented that if lightning were to strike the theatre and kill everyone inside, it would probably wipe out about 8% of the geekyness of the internet.

So i wasn't very surprised when a little later Paul informed us that they had promised on some message board that if we could fill all the seats that Storm would take his shoes off, he would do a cartwheel, Jonathan Coulton would eat four twinkies in quick succession, and Wil Wheaton would do a comedy routine. They turned the lights up and he announced that it was close to full, but not quite. Therefore we only got one of the four rewards, and Storm still had his shoes on, there were no twinkies on stage, and he'd thrown out his back a few weeks ago. Of course i wouldn't be surprised to find out Wil Wheaton had performed on saturday as well and the "challenge" was just a pretense.

They wrapped up the set with "The Captain's Wife's Lament." Of course part of the prep for it involved "teaching" us all to say "Arrrrrrr"

Paul: "Just for practice" [swings hand down]
Audience: "ARRRRR!"
One member of audience: "Practice!"
Paul: "We've got Literal Beard the pirate here"
Storm: "Literal Beard the pirate. He has 'Beard' written down the sides of his face."
Paul: [practically falls over laughing]

Clearly if/when we go to another Paul & Storm concert i need to go as Literal Beard :) Or possibly do that as my halloween costume :)

So when they were done we got a ten or fifteen minute intermission. shelleycat went off to use the bathroom (and later commented on "the bathroom line's hotness" =) and i looked at the merchandise booth and talked to thaisa for a bit.

When we came back Wil Wheaton came out and told some intentionally bad jokes. ("A proton walks into a bar..." and etc.) Of course since we all knew they were supposed to be bad jokes they were actually very amusing.

shelleycat thought his delivery was great, but slightly over the top and flaming. At first she wondered if he might be gay, but then realized it just seemed that way to her because she was used to Wesley Crusher's reticence. "And yes, she actually talks this way."

When he was done with his five or six jokes it was finally Jonathan Coulton's turn.

I don't remember the order, but the song list was something like:

Not About You
Tom Cruise Crazy
Big Bad World One
Shop Vac
Millionaire Girlfriend
Drinking with You
Always the Moon
Mr. Fancy Pants
Skullcrusher Mountain
Creepy Doll
The Future Soon
Code Monkey
Still Alive
Re: Your Brains
First of May

So the only songs that he didn't play that i'm kind of sad about were Chiron Beta Prime and Mandelbrot Set.

He seems to have gotten rid of the rickroll in the Mr Fancypants song and replaced it with something else, but i couldn't tell what it was. He also added in a bit of the Mario theme.

Of course he had Paul & Storm come out and help for a bunch of the songs in the middle. Storm kept making wide eyes and peering behind him during "Creepy Doll," which made the audience laugh, which kept making Jonathan stop to look around and saying stuff like "i know something is going on..."

When it was all over it was about 11:30 and shelleycat was feeling kind of tired, so we didn't stick around for autographs or to buy and CDs or anything. (Or to people-watch all the cute geeky girls =)

We got home around 12:30 and crashed almost immediately.
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