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Friday Fun Polls

Next month, barring anything _else_ really unexpected, i should have my credit cards all paid off. Of course i still have the car loan, but that's a pretty small and long term thing relatively speaking. (And to think, if a year ago i could have predicted the damn car accident i could have gotten the exact same loan for a new car but not had the extra $3-5k of credit card bills from the repairs on the old one =P)

So anyways, now is the time to start thinking about what i want to save for/spend money on next. (shelleycat has this theory that i'm not really happy unless i'm doing research for _something_, and frequently that something is the next toy that i want to get. She may be right =) (And actually i already know what the next thing is. The next thing will be putting more money into my IRA, but _after_ that...)

There are two things i kinda "need" right now. An HD tv would not only look nice, it would also make a lot of those damn PS3 fonts a hell of a lot more readable. (I really do not understand this constant and repeated failure in QA departments.) And although i'm not planning on moving again for awhile, i definitely want to have upgraded to something lighter before the next time i have to worry about carrying it to a new location. The other thing is a new PC. My current computer is adequate for most daily tasks. However the fan (i presume?) has started making whining noises. So either i need to disable the computer and whack some sense into it, buy a new fan, or buy a new computer. And if i buy a new computer i'll actually be able to play some of the games i've bought off of Steam (and some of the games that i'd like to buy from Steam and elsewhere) that my current computer barely meets the "minimum" requirements for.

So which should i get first?

Poll #1527602 Stuff to buy

Which should i get first?


If i get a LCD TV what resolution screen should i get?

720P - 720P is enough for anybody!
1080P - As long as i'm upgrading, i ought to go all the way

And what kind of backlighting?

Regular LCD TV (About $400-$500)
Edge lit LED LCD TV (About $800-$900?)
Dynamically backlit LED LCD TV (About $800-$900?)

And what size should the screen be?

I really don't think anything much larger than 32" will fit in out setup.
But anything larger would be more expensive!
You really think i should get something larger than 32"? Why?

And if i get a PC, what OS should i get? (Yes, those are the only two options.)

Windows XP Pro x64
Windows 7

Of course if i get the TV first and wait on the PC i'll eventually end up getting a better PC. If i get the PC first and want on the TV i'll eventually end up getting a cheaper TV. I can't think of any _other_ new features they could add in to drive up the price. The ones the market currently seems to be focusing on as the next step, embedded internet access and 3D, aren't really things that interest me.
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