DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


*blink blink*

I have the feeling that perhaps this job search might be a bit different from job searches in the past.

Last night Gwri let me know that while i was at work getting laid off, the "former head of Westwood HR" called and had wanted to talk to me and left her number. I'm not sure what she wanted to talk to me about, but stuff involving job searches is certainly a possibility.

And just not right after i started playing Rogue Squandron 2 i got a call from somebody from another game company who want me to come in for an interview. Apparently the producer for the add-on pack gave them my name and number. I was expecting to do some networking this time around, but i wasn't expecting the companies to be calling up _me_ *boggle*

Now i just need to figure out what i want to do and where i want to go =)
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