DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Superbowl commercials

Nothing really jumped out at us this year. We were kind of amused by the two "pantsless" commercials getting put back to back though.

Bud light had one good commercial (the astronomers one) and a lot of others that ranged from mediocre to just plain dumb. Budweiser had better ones as usual. (Wait... are Bud light and Budweiser the same thing? Why so much disparity in commercial quality then?)

E-Trade and Go Daddy continued their ongoing tradition of bugging the heck out of me with their ads.

The google ad was cute. There was an amusing ad about stuffing the internet in a box. It kind of seemed like it ought to be for the Motorola Droid, though i didn't think that was very likely given how long ago that came out. Instead it was for a tv that you can watch the internet on. ...the hell? Can't you do the same thing easier and cheaper on any regular LCD tv these days just by using video in?

Something called FloTV (i'm not sure if it's a portable tv device or a service for streaming tv to your smartphone) had one good commercial, one boring commercial, and one boring and insulting commercial. (I wonder how big the demographic is for people who don't watch football normally but watch the superbowl commercials, with or without the superbowl part. If it's any decent size at all having a commercial saying "This guy isn't watching the superbowl. He's such a pansy! Get out of that skirt!" might not be the best of ideas. It might not be too popular with women who _do_ like football either, i dunno.)

Coke as usual had some pretty cute ads.

FedEx needs to get back in the business of doing superbowl ads, they usually came up with something a lot better than anyone else did this year.

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