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Weekend (mostly) recap

On tuesday or wednesday of last week, shelleycat discovered Gemcraft. I tried out Gemcraft Chapter 0 a little bit a year or two ago, but never got into it much. However wednesday or thursday i decided to try it out again, since shelleycat was playing it pretty constantly :) I started out with Chapter 0, but ended up going back to the first game since that's what she was playing and she kept asking me for opinions/hints/advice, and i got tired of "well in the one i'm playing then X, but i'm not sure about your version" :)

So saturday morning i got up around 1 in the afternoon (after getting about 12 hours of sleep,) and we both ended up sitting down to play Gemcraft at around 2. We took a break around 6 or so to have dinner and watch a couple episodes of Ranma. (Actually she took a somewhat longer break than i did, because she wanted me to beat one of the epic levels for her. And then she got envious of my larger gems and wanted me to gain her enough experience so she could have them too =) But an hour or two later we were both back at the computer, and didn't really look up again until about 2:30 or 3 am. And then we kept playing until 4 anyways. Which was just enough time for me to beat the final level :)

I played a little more on sunday just so i could get glowing rings on all of the levels, but i'm not sure if i want to try and play enough to get all the amulets. (The only ones left are things like "play 120 game" and "create 2500 gems" and "kill 50,000 monsters" and such =P) I may want to go back to Gemcraft Chapter 0 again, but perhaps not right away :)

Friday night i wasn't actually playing Gemcraft, i was putting together a pattern for my Nexus One case idea. Thursday night i'd scanned my Nexus One and spent awhile turning the picture into an outline drawing. A process that took a lot longer than it probably should have since i neither own nor am skilled with photoshop, so i ended up doing it by hand in Paint. I was a little annoyed when i found that the scanning process hadn't kept the image to scale, so i had to resize it. Luckily it didn't take long to figure out the right factor. 40% was too big and 33% was too small, and my third guess of 36% turned out to be spot on. I know have a set of paper cutouts whose holes perfectly match up all the important bits of the phone :)

The only remaining issues now are, figuring out how much extra space to leave on the edges to connect the pieces, where to find moderately cheap neoprene of the right type, and my almost total lack of sewing skill :) Like the many other arts and craft type projects i've contemplated in the past i expect this one won't get much past the 50% mark :)

Aside from the little bit of Gemcraft on sunday i spent a couple hours depacking four more boxes. I believe that leaves about 10 boxes left to deal with, not counting the ones in the closet. (Some of which at least are likely to just stay in the closet.) I also spent a little bit of time trying to find the second season of Ranma since we finished up the first one. As far as i can tell i have two boxes of season 1 and one box of season 3, but no boxes of season 2. I have a vague recollection that i loaned the first season to someone, and then bought another copy because i didn't expect to get it back. Then i did get it back. Then i loaned out the second season and when i decided i wasn't likely to get it back i kept waiting on buying a new one, just in case i turned out to be wrong again. The recollection is so vague though that i'm not even sure if it was the same or different people in the two cases :)
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