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Avatar and GI Joe

Friday night shelleycat and i watched GI Joe: The Troubled Beginning of Cobra. I was not involved in the decision to get it from Netflix, but as long as we had it i figured i might as well watch it. Watching it was definitely made a lot more fun following along with the Topless Robot FAQ at the same time on my N1 :)

Saturday morning shelleycat and i went to see Avatar. Since we already knew that the real reason to go see it was just to see the 3D CGI, we decided to go to the local IMAX. I wouldn't say the plot is _bad_, just very simple and vanilla. Of course i say that after having just watched GI Joe the day before as an example of what a _really_ bad plot is :) Despite earlier comparisons to Fern Gully, i think i'd have to agree with the more recent allegation that Avatar was a perfectly adequate clone of Pocahontas, with a whole lot better justification for the "understanding nature better" thing. (Warning, link contains spoilers for both Avatar and Pocahontas, but it's not like it's not mostly predictable anyways =)

Also, shelleycat and i both thought the pilot was awesomely cute :)

And were both sad that she was one of the people who got killed off =P And as long as i'm doing a spoiler cut, we were also pissed off that the panther thing A: got killed off and B: got killed off almost immediately after they made friends with it =P

Also, the absolute most predictable part was when what's her name told Jake that her however-many-great-grandfather had bonded with one of the giant flyie things and united all the tribes together in a time of troubles that Jake was going to end up bonding with one as well. I must confess though i thought it would be a little more regular than that, that he'd end up in some situation where it was "obvious" that he was "supposed" to bond with it, in the same way it was "obvious" that he was supposed to bond with the little flier. Not that he would hunt one down, ambush it and force a surprise bond on it. I'm still wondering if he ever managed to get back to the little one after he got rid of the big one (though i thought that was supposed to be a lifetime bond?) though you've got to wonder how it felt about him trading up =P

And speaking of bonding for life, there's a report that there was a deleted sex scene that may be included in the DVD release. The interesting/funny/disturbing thing is that it seems to consist either primarily or entirely of linking up their braid things. Which raises some "interesting" questions:)

So in summary pretty 3D CGI, competent but pedestrian and predictable plot, with a cute supporting actor :)

(Also, i owe jmpava credit for the topless robot credits and possibly the Pocahontas comparison as well =)

Oh yeah, and tonight we watched some more Ranma 1/2 and then installed Netflix on my PS3. We added a whole bunch of stuff to the "Instant Queue" and then used it to watch... several episodes of 30 Second Bunnies Theatre, which obviously we could have done on the internet instead, but was just too amusing to do through the PS3 :)
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