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Improved Nexus One Phone Case

I've been looking around for a better Nexus One phone case, and so far all the ones i've found so far are crap. I've already detailed what i want in a Nexus One case but nothing like that seems to exist. The basic idea is so simple though that i decided to see if i could make one myself. Since i don't have the kind of materials used in the original pouch (and in fact am still not sure what they are) i decided to do it in duct tape.

I would definitely need to do some refinements (this was a lot more complicated than the wallet) but i think the results is definitely good enough to indicate what i had in mind.

I don't think i'll actually use this case though. Along with the fact that the fit isn't quite right and most of the cut-outs are slightly off, i'd also be worried about duct tape goo getting all over the phone if i left it in there too long, and i don't think the duct tape offers anywhere near enough cushioning to be safe.

I may try another duct tape version to see if i can modify the cutout placements properly, and if i still can't find a decent case a couple weeks from now i might try making one with actual padding.
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