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Some more Nexus One commentary

I wish there was a way to clear some subset of notifications rather than just all or nothing. If, say, i've just downloaded 60 or so free books (speaking _totally_ theoretically =) i may not want to go and open each one of them in order to get rid of the notifications, but i don't want to clear out the entire list either, since it's possible there's actually important notifications buried under all the "you successfully downloaded a book!" messages. Adding the ability to close individual notifications without opening them would be nice. The ability to close notifications by type would also be nice. ("Clear all successful book download notifications" or "Clear all gtalk message notifications.") Either one would mostly alleviate this problem.

I find it odd that the built in weather app will let you pick Fahrenheit vs Celsius for temperature, but you're absolutely stuck with km for wind speed.

I want a way to close the keyboard when i'm done entering text. Sometimes the lower right button is "Go" which activates whatever widget you're entering text into (most frequently a search or login) but sometimes it's "Next," which takes you to the next text field. That's fine in the cases where you've got more than one field you need to enter before you hit "Go," but sometimes you want to stop after the first field. And then for larger text fields the button changes to a carriage return and as far as i can tell there's no way within the virtual keyboard to exit.

Hitting the back button on the home row is the only way i've found to close it, (and the google support page says that is the official method) but more than once i've managed to accidentally trigger it twice, thus going back a page and losing whatever it is i just entered. (If you're in the browser there's a "forward" button you can access if you hold down the back button for awhile, but that only works in the browser, and even then the text isn't always salvageable.) I'm really beginning to think that the home row buttons would have been better as physical buttons. Not only would it be impossible for their sensor placement to be off in the same manner, but it would also be a lot harder to accidentally press them when you didn't mean to, or press them twice when you meant to press them once.

(I suppose i really ought to find some kind of feedback page to report this stuff rather than just casually mentioning it in passing to me friends at google =)

Edit: Oh yeah, and i find it truly mind boggling that there is absolutely no option to display seconds with the default clock.
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