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My brain is weird

I just spent and hour or two (or possibly three =) playing Final Fantasy 1.

And now i have the Dragon Quest main theme stuck in my head.

No, i don't know how my brain works either =P

I was going to quit earlier than that and may sort through another box or two, but shelleycat fell asleep in my lap so i couldn't move :) I did some more leveling of my all white mage party and then got through the Marsh Cave and the battle with Astos. I thought that was going to be really sucky until i remembered that unlike most later FFs, status spells actually _work_, and once an enemy has Mute cast on them it doesn't come off :) After that i went and got the TNT and stopped by the first town in the outer sea to get some spells and equipment before spending some more time leveling :)
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