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I introduced shelleycat to Ranma 1/2 over the weekend, and so far she seems to like it :)

Saturday we went by the Container Store and picked up four of the three shelf folding stackable bookshelves. It turns out that they're manufactured by the same company that used to make the four shelf units that shelleycat and i both bought from Cost Plus in years past. Of course when Cost Plus was selling them i'm pretty sure they were for less than $50 each. Possibly as little as $25 or $30. Along with about 5 years of inflation shelleycat says that both wood prices and import fees have been going up. I guess that could account for a single three shelf unit costing $80 now =P

Anyways, we brought those home (with a stop at In-n-Out for lunch on the way) and set them up, two stacked together in the bedroom for shelleycat and two stacked together in the living room for me.

I then proceeded to unpack something on the order of 14 boxes of stuff, most of which went on the new shelves, which are now slightly overfull =P I figured having six new shelves of space would fix everything. Of course i hadn't really been planning on two of the shelves being occupied by stuffed animals, and one of the shelves being occupied mostly by old electronics and games. (Currently one GameCube, one N64, one GameBoy Color and one GameBoy, along with assorted games and manuals, plus some Disgaea figures.) I think i may need to reorganize some :)

So that leaves about... 20 boxes left in desperate need of unpacking.

On sunday i dealt with another two or three boxes of stuff, put an ad up on Freecycle for the old couch (we've decided we don't have room for both the couch and the futon in the living room, and of the two we'd rather keep the futon,) and did some laundry. Other than that i tried out Hearts of Iron 2, which seems like an interesting but very slow paced and somewhat awkward game, and tried to beat the last(?) level of Grid Defense. I made a spreadsheet map of the level and figured out how to make the enemies wander through every segment of the level at least once, which apparently got me an achievement. This worked a lot better than my last attempt, i made it all the way to wave 30 of 30 this time before my last power core got carried off =P

I also tried out the "Zero Gear" game that Steam was giving a free trial of over the weekend. It seemed to be a kart racer with poor controls and lots of lag. Perhaps i would have gotten used to the controls if i'd spent some time practicing at it, but there wasn't much incentive to put lots of practice into a free trial game that i'd then have to turn around and pay for once the trial ran out. There's lots of other games with free trials that have done a much better job of grabbing me right off the bat.
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