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I've seen things you people wouldn't believe...

...wallpapers in motion on the background of the home screen. I watched Android Apps glitter in the dark on the Tannhäuser Gate.

Okay, given the total lack of responses to the poll i decided to go with "Tannhäuser Gate" just so i could make that silly joke :) I think i actually spent more time trying to decide which spelling to use than i did coming up with the original list of options :)

It took almost an hour of haggling with my credit card company tuesday night (for some reason they decided buying stuff around the holidays was suspicious behavior and locked my account =P) but i finally managed to order a Nexus One. (Actually the order finally went through about 8am wednesday morning.)

Despite the warnings that getting the engraving might add up to 72 hours to the processing time they shipped it out about 2:30 that afternoon, and it arrived about 2:30 today (luckily shelleycat was here to sign for the FedEx package, and by "luckily" i mean i pleaded with her to do that instead of going out to do chores =)

I went by the T-Mobile store shortly after getting home and theoretically they switched my phone number over, except i don't think it really took. They wanted to know what my "passcode" was, and i've had at least three of them because Sprint kept fucking up my account =P Luckily though until i can go back to T-Mobile and get it straightened out i can at least use my wireless network.

So anyway, anyone have any good Android Apps to recommend? :) So far i've gotten ConnectBot, Google Goggles, and Age of Conquest Lite. Aside from all the pre-loaded stuff of course.
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