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I'm amused, Ikea got brand-name placement during Google's Nexus One press conference, but the Swiss Army Knife didn't :)

The only particularly interesting stuff that i didn't already know about from playing around with one over christmas was the pricing details and the fact that you can get an engraving on the back. I'm not sure if i'd want to bother with that, but if i did i certainly wouldn't want to do my name or anything boring like that :) *ponders*

So the choice is between this and the Motorola Droid. Pretty much better processor power and a somewhat better screen vs. having a physical keyboard. I think the deciding factor is probably the pricing though. Even at $530, getting an unlocked N1 and going with the $60 data plan from T-Mobile would be cheaper in the long run that getting a Droid from Verizon. Actually the wikipedia article hints that it might be possible to sign up for the cheap T-Mobile plan first and then add a Nexus One to it for a somewhat subsidized price. Perhaps i should look into that. It would save about $150, but might involve a fair bit of hoop jumping =P Also possibly going without phone service for a couple weeks during the transition from Sprint =P Well, either that or getting an entirely new phone number, but i'd kind of like to keep the one i have. Updating everyone on the number is a pain, and i've already got it memorized. (And it's got lots of repeating numbers, which is nice =)

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