DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

More moving

It seems i can fit about 20 boxes in my Prius with a moderate amount of effort. We've now got stacks and stacks of boxes at the new place, and pretty soon i'm going to need to start unpacking and organizing things are there won't be room to move anything else in =P (So far i've unpacked/set up the hardback books, the movie DVDs, the video games and my computer.)

I've got several bruises on my right thigh, presumably from where i've been balancing stacks of boxes while trying to free up a hand for opening/closing doors and such. I ought to try and remember to alternate sides so i can get a matched set, er, i mean to minimize the damage :)

I'm just about out of already packed boxes to move though, and i'm starting to run low on easily packed stuff, so things will start getting interesting RSN :)

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