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Moving is so much fun when it's raining =P

Took a load of stuff over this morning, managed to unload it during a lull in the rain, and headed down to shelleycat's place around 12:30. We loaded up what she had packed so far and went by Goodwill to drop off some extra stuff of mine and then to Del Taco to get some lunch. Unfortunately by the time we got to the apartment the rain had picked up again. We ran inside with one load of stuff and then spent awhile unpacking stuff while waiting to see if the rain would let up again. After shelleycat had unpacked all her dishes and i'd unpacked and shelved 9 boxes of hardback books the rain was a _little_ lighter, so we brought the rest of the stuff in (and moved the empty boxes out of course.)

We went back to shelleycat's place so she could pack more stuff while waiting for some friends of hers to get back to us about dinner, but we never heard anything from them so i headed home around 6:30 or 7.

I've now moved 5 small bookshelves and 22 boxes of books. There's 8 boxes of books and about 20-30 boxes of other stuff waiting to be moved, plus who knows how many boxes worth of stuff that hasn't been packed yet.

Now to see if the rain will let up tonight. If it hasn't cleared up in an hour or so i may go to bed and get up really early so i can get it done then.
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