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Headed home early yesterday and stopped by AAA to (finally) get my new car added to my insurance. Stopped by Home Depot to pick up a couple rolls of duct tape (for taping up stuff and for wallet related activities with the leftovers) and a couple rolls of painter's tape (for marking/measuring out where furniture should go before we actually move it) then went by Costco to pick up a couple boxes of boxes and a box of trash sacks.

Spent about four or five hours scanning stuff and packing stuff while watching Daily Show, Colbert Report and Mythbusters (not the most efficient way to do things, i'm sure =) Packed 15 boxes of books and CDs and moved three now empty bookshelves down to my car and got to sleep around 11:30

Got up this morning at 4, quit hitting snooze and got out of bed at 4:45, showered and then started moving boxes down to the car. Got 10 boxes of books in the car along with the bookshelves without having to try too hard. Unfortunately this process was kind of slow since i had to tote things up and down a flight of stairs. At first i was taking then out to the garage, but then i checked out front and saw and empty space, except just as i got my car out of the garage and pulled up front some church dude sniped it form me =P So i ended up carrying the last six boxes a couple hundred feet down the street. By the time i was done and ready to head to work it was 6:45, just in time to catch the fire on the freeway =P

Oh yeah, i also managed to injure myself this morning, except not from the packing and toting stuff bit. I was trying to pry my boots on and managed slip and scrape a rather large hunk of skin off the back of my left index finger. My fingernails aren't particularly long at the moment, but apparently they've got some rather nasty corners on them =P
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