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Just got back from visiting my friend, who shall from now on be refered to Shawkial unless she decides to stop being anonymous ;) Like all the nicks on here, I've tried to make it appropriate in the particular language I'm working with. Given lots of poetic leeway at least =)

She spent a lot of time trying to help put me back together (thank you *hug*) I still feel very broken though.

It sounds like Kialyn is having a tough time getting things worked out. As much as I wish she wasn't making this decision, I also wish things weren't so hard on her =(

I'm tired, tired enough that it doesn't hurt so much, and I don't feel quite so insane. Shawkial probably deserves a lot of credit too.

Oh well, I'm sure I'll be hurting just as much again soon. That's the way my life seems to work.

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