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Yay! My feet feel better!

I got a call from Kialyn a little after five saying that Bricriu didn't feel up to picking her up from her relatives place and asking if i could come get her. She said multiple times that i did't have to if i didn't want to, and i told her multiple times that i would be happy to do so =) She promised to take me out to dinner in thanks.

One of the two lanes on the road to the freeway had flooded in one spot, so traffic really sucked till i got past there, and the freeway was jammed up at one point, but other than that it was a pretty quick trip.

Kialyn met me outside while i was wandering around trying to figure out which was the right house, and i came inside and said hi to her relatives for a few minutes while she got her stuff.

We talked while i drove us back, and traffic was much better going the other way. When we got back we went to eat at a yummy Peruvian place. Towards the end of dinner i managed to sneak my wallet out of my pocket without her noticing, and when the waitress put the bill down on the table i whiped out my credit card and put it down on the check before the waitress had finished putting it down and while Kialyn's hands were still on the way to her pocket =)

Kialyn decided that since i'd foiled her one attempt to repay me, and it wasn't very late yet since traffic had been light, that she should go back to the apartment and give me a backrub, which was very nice =)

After that we watched some anime with Shawkial. A few minutes into the first episode of Nadesico i noticed that the backs of my socks had been stained yellow. When Kialyn saw this she objected to my "just put clean socks on" method of bandaging my wounds. She took the socks off, rubbed my heels with alcohol (ow!) and put neosporin or something similar and bandages on them. *feels coddled and cared for* =)

I drove Kialyn vack to her dorm after two episodes of Nadesico, and since the rain had stopped awhile ago i wore birkenstocks instead of shoes. Between the bandages and hte lack of shoes my feet feel wonderful now =)

Now i'm just worried about Kialyn and Morna =/ Kialyn was going to have a talk with Morna and Bricriu and i'm not sure how it's going to go. I hope Morna and Kialyn are both okay.

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