DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Car bits

Got my first tank of gas for the Prius, unfortunately i'm not sure exactly how many miles i've driven since it took me a little while after getting it to figure out how to reset the tripometer =P It was definitely at least 27 mpg, and might be as high as 40 mpg. Might be even higher if the dealer didn't quite fill up the tank all the way of course. I'll definitely keep better track for this next tank.

Also, we had to arrange cars for street sweeping tomorrow at shelleycat's place, and it's definitely clear in that situation that the Prius is a little longer than my Rav4 was.

Also also, the car still has something like new car smell. I'm not sure if it's just cause they cleaned it a lot or if they actually sprayed it with the new car smell stuff. Either way though, i hope it starts smelling normal soon =P
Tags: car

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