DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


Ow my feet hurt today.

Yesterday before i went clubing i drove my sister and her boyfriend to the supermarket and the video store. She said that she wanted to go to a sports store today to get new brakes for her rollerblades. I said that she should go ahead and call me when she wanted to go.

She called about 1pm (i got to bed about 7) and said that they also wanted to go to the pet store to get bedding for her rats. I told her that i'd be there by 2, i was planing on getting everything done by three since thats when i figured that Morna would be getting out of work. I'd send her email last night asking if she'd be able to do anything while Bricriu was picking Kialyn up in LA.

It was raining a lot when i finally got out of bed, and i figured that i should wear shoes instead of birkenstocks. Geez they hurt when i put them on. I spent the whole day walking kind of sideways in an effort not to bang my heels.

I showed up at my sisters place a little after 2 since i was limping, and she said that they wanted to stop by the video store and return the video since they hadn't had time to do that before it started raining.

We went to the pet store and that didn't take too long, we went to the video store and that didn't take too long. We went to the sports store, and when we got there they realized that there was an office depot in the same lot and they wanted to get stuff there.

My sister dithered around in the sports store looking at various wheels and brakes and ballbearings and stuff, and it passed 3. She dithered around in office depot looking at staplers and pens and PDAs and stuff, and it passed 3:30. I finally pried them away and droped them off back at the dorm.

I got home at 4 and there was a message from Morna. Well, kind of a message. She told Gwri to tell me that she'd called. She had apparently called at 3:50, just ten or fifteen minutes before i got home, and i didn't know why she'd called =(

I checked online, but she wasn't there, i agaonized about it for a few minuted and then tried calling her apartment, but nobody answered.

I don't know if she wanted to do something and i should keep trying to get ahold of her, or if she wanted to tell me that she couldn't do anything today and i should make plans with other people.

I don't know what's going on and it upsets me =(

Current Mood: confused and upset</font>

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