DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Damn you Moore!

They keep coming out with new TV features, and every time they do i say to myself "once that gets down to a reasonable price, i ought to pick one up." The problem is by the time feature X is down to a reasonable price, they've not got feature X+1.

First it was getting rid of the CRTs and making them thin, but the LCDs still weren't quite up to the same quality. Once the regular LCDs were up to the same quality and down to a reasonable price, they had HDTVs coming out. LCD HDTVs are finally starting to get down to the price where i'm very tempted, but now they've got LED backlit LCD TVs.

Amazon has this one for about $720, or almost double what i'd consider to be the "reasonable" range for a medium-large TV. So perhaps by the time i'm done moving, have paid off my credit cards in full and made a dent in the car loan the prices will be down to something i consider reasonable. I wonder what new thing they'll be coming out with at that point to tempt me with instead =P

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