DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Another bit of car stuff

When i was driving the car home thursday night i was kind of surprised that the fuel indicator actually went down by a notch or two (out of eight i believe.) When we got back from LosCon last night it was down to the halfway mark. That definitely seemed kind of weird since i'd driven a total of about 80-90 miles so far, but i was guessing that it might be like my Rav4, where it went from full to half a lot faster than it went from half to empty. Then tonight when we left for shelleycat's place it was suddenly back at full again. By the time we'd gotten here it was down a single notch again (after about 110 or 120 miles or so.)

shelleycat says her car will sometimes show a much emptier tank than it actually has, but it's never told her it had more gas than she actually did. Hopefully this is something similar. Having to fill up more often than strictly necessary just to be sure isn't a big deal, actually running out of gas would be :)
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