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Audio update

shelleycat and i went to Outback for lunch, then tried to go to the Radio Shack on Hawthorne. "Tried" because despite what Moogle claims we didn't see it anywhere along Hawthorne, so we just ended up going to Best Buy instead. I picked up a $25 tape adapter as a stopgap, and while i was there i found a cute Best Buy person who'd just finished helping someone and asked her if she knew much about iPods. She said yes, so i described the situation, making the assumption that it worked with older iPods but not with shelleycat's iPod Touch 2G. She nodded as i was saying this and said i needed to get either a 30 or 40 GB iPod Classic or one of the old square iPod Nanos (which she thought was 3G but wasn't sure) or the iPod Nano 4G. She said everything after that used the new dock connector format. Unfortunately all of those are models that are no longer available at Best Buy of course =P

We tried out the tape adapter on the way home and i can't tell how the audio quality compared to my old car, but it was definitely usable, so i've got a workaround until i either figure out how to replace the dock connector with an aux in, or find an old iPod on ebay or something.

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