DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

More car stuff

Some more thoughts now that i've had the car for about a day and a half.

When i was driving my Rav4 i would frequently have my elbow propped up on something on the door. I'm not sure if it was the "window sill" part of the door or the "handle" part. When i first got the Prius i tried the same thing, but the door handle seemed to low and the window sil seemed too high. I remembered that the Prius has a tilty steering wheel so i tried moving it up as much as possible (shelleycat agreed that it seemed a little low where it started out.) After doing that the door handle is _really_ too low, but the window sill still seems a little too high. Maybe it's just been long enough since i drove the Rav4 that i'm not remembering the angle correctly, or maybe it's just an insoluble problem.

I'm definitely pleased with the height of the car in general. I'm sure it's actually a fair bit shorter than the Rav4 was, but it doesn't actually _feel_ much shorter when i'm driving. And when i parked it in the garage it looked a fair bit taller than my neighbor's car. Hopefully this also means i won't end up scrapping it up too much from bottoming out on dips.

I'm thinking perhaps since the stereo system has a tape deck perhaps i should get one of those tape deck audio converter things. I'm sure the sound quality isn't as good as an actual aux in plug, but it may be good enough for audiobooks, which is what i listen to in the car at least 80% of the time. If nothing else it might be a good interim fix until i figure out how to get an aux in installed.

However we finally figured out that the weird connector thing that comes out of the bottom of the dash actually seems to be an iPod connector, or at least the same type of connector the iPod uses. We tried plugging in shelleycat's iPod Touch though and it didn't seem to do anything. I read a webpage or two claiming that some adapters wouldn't work with first generation iPod Touches unless you also plugged something into the headphone jack too, but we tried that and it didn't seem to work that way either. I'm not sure if it's not actually supposed to be an audio in jack, or if it's busted, or if it doesn't actually work with iPods, or if it specifically doesn't work with iPod Touches, or if i just haven't figured out the right way to access the signal yet =P

Edit: I've found a couple posts like this one claiming that certain older dock connectors don't work with newer ipods. Newer iPods such as the iPod Touch 2g that shelleycat has. So perhaps i can buy an old used iPod and get it to work with it. Or even better, perhaps i can find something that converts the old dock connectors to an 1/8" plug.
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