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Obviously yesterday i was busy with car stuff, but today shelleycat and i went to LosCon. I did my Airship pirate costume since the day's theme was kinda sorta pirate. (I'm not entirely sure how that worked exactly since the year's theme was "but wait, there's more," but there seemed to be lots of agreement about it based on the costumes and events of the day.)

We got there around 2, and at the registration desk i randomly wandered into a cute girl who i'd met at LosCon last year. After registering we wandered through the dealer's room, the went to the filk room where coincidentally the same person/group was performing that we heard at the pagan sumer solstice fair. After that was done we looked around the dealer's room a little more, then we went to the first part of an Alternate History panel, featuring Harry Turtledove, Barbara Hambly, and two other people i don't know much about. Midway through that shelleycat's friends tracked us down, so we cut out to hang out with them. Some of us went to do dinner at the sports bar while the ones who'd eaten already wandered off to do whatever else. After dinner we wandered back downstairs, and ran into ConGirl and chatted with her for while. She had to go off to do some con-related chores so we went upstairs and hung out in one of her friend's room for awhile, then wandered down to the game room. We took a look at Tikal and Stone Age but didn't actually play either of them. After that we wandered down to the masquerade, which as usual for LosCon was rather short and not very professional :)

After the masquerade the next thing to do of course was the room parties. The big room on the end had lots of yummy snacks, though we were a little disturbed to see several posters for "L Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future." I've never been quite sure what to think of them. How closely is the publishing group in charge of that related to the Scientologists? We wandered through a couple parties, saw ConGirl again, and the cute girl from last year, and a girl who said she recognized me from BayCon and who looked sorta familiar. After we'd gone through all the interesting room parties at least once we headed downstairs again to check out the Pirate Party. It was origianally supposed to be at 8, then got rescheduled for 8:30, then for 10. So we got there about 10 and they'd actually opened the room up, but there wasn't a whole lot going on yet. There was some music playing, and some tables set up with various gambling games (using plastic pirate doubloons to play with of course.) ConGirl ran into us again there, so we sat down with her for awhile to talk. While we were sitting there i saw someone walk by out in the hallway who i thought looked familiar, so i ran out and found zellandyne :) Chatted with her for a couple minutes before she decided to head up to the party floor, and ConGirl decided it was time for her to head up to her room as well.

shelleycat was feeling kind of tired at that point, and i wasn't feeling super energetic either, so we decided to call it a night and headed home around 10:30.
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