DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Non-car stuff

So for thanksgiving, after getting back from the car shopping, shelleycat and i watched a little of the Mythbusters marathon on Discovery, then went to see "9" at the local second-run theatre, stopped by Del Taco to get dinner, then went back to her place and watched a lot more of the Mythbusters marathon while eating dinner. (Followed by the hour or so of looking up car stuff and printing it out before bed.)

We both thought "9" was pretty good, though i thought it was rather depressing, and we were both confused by one thing...

They know the device can suck souls out of one creature and put them into another, and they know the device can transfer a soul from a living creature into an (originally) non-living object. So once they recovered the device and the monster was dead, why didn't they at least try to recover the bodies of the others and put the souls back into them rather than just letting them free into the aether? =P

I suppose though in the long run it doesn't make a huge difference if there are 4 people incapable of having kids left in an apocalyptic wasteland or 9 =P

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