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Life is so weird

I went out to the riverside club tonight.

While i was driving there i realized that i didn't really care about what happened at the club. My brain was filled with thoughts of Kialyn and hope that something might work out between us. When i went inside the club i found that the girls aren't as cute as they normally were, which is strange, because it was a lot of the same people. Somehow compared to Kialyn they just didn't have the power to grip my mind anymore.

However since i figured that even if i wasn't interested in anything more than that it would still be nice to be able to dance with some girls, so i acted the same as i always have. I smiled at the girls i thought were cute, and one of them smiled back at me and started dancing with me!

It was pretty up close and personal dancing, although she did the same thing with a couple of other people, and more often than with me. She danced with me two or three times throughout the night, for a minute or two each time.

When the club closed i asked her outside what her name was, she said "Michelle," and i said hi and told her my name. She kind of smiled, but she was hanging out with some friends (including a couple of the other people she'd been dancing with) so i didn't try to have any more of a conversation than that.

I don't know if i should have been more aggresive or less aggresive with her, both in the way i danced with her and how much i danced with her, and about talking to her afterwards. I don't know how to tell those things, i'm just glad that she was fairly aggresive about indicating that she wanted to dance with me =)

All the other girls besides her ignored me of course =)

My Doc Martins obviously hadn't been broken in at all, so after about the first hour my heels really started hurting, apparently they were rubbing against the shoes in a bad way. I'm not sure if that was just because the shoes aren't broken in, or because i got shoes that were too tight or too lose. I don't know which way causes blisters. They probably could be a little tighter front to back, but the size tens were squishing my feet sideways about as much as i thought i could stand. I have fat feet =)

My right heel seems to have a big raw sore spot with the flap of skin attached on the bottom edge. My left heel is missing the flap of skin =)

I got some napkins from the bar and put some over my heels inside my sock, and some more between the socks and the shoes. It still hurt, but between that and being careful about exactly what i did i could keep dancing. It wasn't quite as active as it normally was though, so i wasn't quite so icky and sweaty when i got home =)

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