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*grrr* stupid car rental places!

shelleycat's feeling sick, so she's not able to give me a ride to car places today. Poor shelleycat :(

But i can still get a rental car and go check places out myself, right? It'll probably cost $100 or $200 for the two or three days i'll need it, but it'll be worth it. *checks prices* Okay, $200-$300 maybe. ...and half the rental places around here close at noon on saturday?? WTH? Isn't half the reason for the existence of rental places people going on trips, trips which frequently happen over the weekend? ... and perhaps that explains why the other half that are still open already seem to have rented all their cars =P

Okay, new plan for today is to do more research and perhaps catch the bus down the dealers along PCH. Last i checked none of them had either used Priuss or used Matrixs at reasonable prices, but maybe that's changed. And maybe even if they don't have anything i'd want to buy maybe they'll have something i can test drive. If nothing else i'll at least feel like i've done _something_ useful today, and perhaps it will get me in the right mindset.

Hopefully tomorrow shelleycat will feel better, and if not then i can take tuesday off or something and go car shopping then.
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