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Well that's strange...

An addendum to the last post. I got the thought of checking the estimated prices on Consumer Reports. I hadn't been paying much attention to them because they're not as precise (they lump all the cars of the same model and year together) and because they're not as clear about what exactly the price represents.

However their results for the Matrix are:

'05: $9k - $10.2k
'06: $10.6k - $11.9k
'07: $12.3k - $13k

If i average those prices out, they fit right in the range between the Edmunds and Kelley Blue Book values.

For the Prius however:

'05: $12k
'06: $13.9k
'07: $15.8k

That's $1300 below the Edmunds value for '07, $1896 for '06, and $2527 for '05!!!

So there's definitely something weird going on with the price of Priuss, and it's not just the dealers.

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