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First day of christmas shopping

Well i've blown my alllowance for this month and the next =)

I got up at about 10 or 11 this morning, and just hung out for awhile reading and relaxing.

I thought about going to the mall to see Morna, but by the time i thought about it it was 1:30, and she was supposed to get off work at 2, and i didn't know if Bricriu would be there to see her when she got done, and i was afraid he would be angry/upset with me if i showed up to see her at the same time he was there.

So i took a shower and read some more, and then got a call from the office manager saying there was a package for me. I couldn't imagine what it was snce i'd just recently gotten something from the SFBC. I went to the office, and it was a package from UK!!! Which meant it was the original English version of the fourth Harry Potter book in paperback!!!!

When i got back to the apartment there was an IM message from Morna waiting. She said that she was going to be spending most of the day with Bricriu, and didn't think that she would have time to do anything =(

I told her to go ahead and call if she did suddenly turn up with time, but it's past 7:30 now, and i don't think i'm going to hear from her =(

About 4:00 i started thinking about going to the mall. I've always heard that the mall is supposed to be a total madhouse the day after thanksgiving, and i'm not sure if i've ever seen it before, so i was curious about going down and seeing it for myself.

I asked Shawkial if she and Gwri were interested in going along, but she decided that she would be too likely to spend money =)

I got there and the parking lot was fairly crowded but i found a spot in the first row i went down. I parked behind Robinsons May since that's what i've gotten used to because of Allyn and Morna =)

Robinsons May was fairly crowded, but the rest of the mall was a little less so, or more likely, the halls in the mall are a fair bit wider than the ones in Robinsons May so people had more room to spread out =)

I went to a lot of places, but only bought things at three places. I spent $60 at Hot Topic, $80 at Babbage's, and $100 at Robert Wayne's Shoe Source, which the people at Hot Topic had recomended for buying Doc Martins.

I got two shirts, two CDs, a leather collar, the Revolutionary Girl Utena movie, Metal Gear Solid 2, and a pair of Doc Martins. You can probably figure out which i got from where =)

They had some Doc Martins that were only $50, but they only had those in really small sizes, so i ended up getting a $90 pair, which still isn't too bad.

I'm thinking about going clubbing tonight so i can use my new stuff, but in the meantime my sister wants to go to the video store, so i need to go pick her up =)

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