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Apartment stuff

So monday morning shelleycat dropped off the applications at the new apartment, and within an hour or two we were approved. I think we spent more time filling out the applications than they did approving them =P

On sunday i sorted through an old bag of clothes (ended up about 60% keep, 30% give to goodwill, 10% trash) and tuesday i sorted through about one box's worth of old mail (probably about 80% junk, 15% needs to be scanned, 5% i might want to keep.) At this rate i should be done sorting through old crap in.... two or three months =P Hopefully i'll be able to do better on that once car stuff is dealt with (which will _hopefully_ be this weekend.)

It turns out that although the two bedroom apartment we looked at at our new place last month didn't have an open kitchen, the one bedroom apartments _do_ have fairly open kitchens. There's still a wall along the side of the kitchen, but the front is totally open to the dining room (of course) and you can see about a third of the living room from the front of the kitchen (kinda like my place.) That puts it above about 75% of the other places we looked at.

So just for fun, random poll time! From the kitchen you can see the "front" wall of the living room, which is right next to the door. We could put the TV along the wall so people in the kitchen could see the TV at least some of the time. We could put the couch along the wall so that the people in the kitchen could see the people on the couch at least some of the time. Or we could put the TV and the couch both perpendicular to the wall so someone in the kitchen could see the TV and the people (or at least the backs of their heads. =) Of course that would constrain the path in from the door a bit...

Poll #1487250 Furniture arrangement

What should we put against the wall?

The couch! People are more important than TV!
The TV! You can still talk to the people on the couch even if you can't see them!
Both! I like staring at the backs of peoples' heads!
Neither! You don't need no stinking furniture!

I suppose i should admit that i'm not likely to follow the results when arranging furniture :) I've actually already put together a scaled map in a spreadsheet and we've put together a layout for most of the furniture that we _think_ should work. Unfortunately i didn't have my tape measure with me to get exact measurements when we viewed the one bedroom apartment, so the map is based on the vague room size estimates on their brochure. We'll see how accurate that ends up being...
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