DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


So let's see if they can keep up the momentum from the first episode...

V Episode 2:

Don't go back there! =P

Oops :) Didn't take them long to start taking over systems

Or not, i guess they're developing the sleeper thing a bit more, which makes a lot more sense i guess.

Well at least she didn't explain _why_ she doesn't want him involved with the Visitors. I guess being an FBI counter-terrorism expert is good for something.

She'll _never_ think to check under the bed! :)

So is the old priest one of the sleepers or not?

Ahhh, was the Tudyk bit from last week's preview _only_ from the flashback? :( I didn't think to check the credits... though i guess a cameo in a flashback might count as "guest star" too.

Okay, i don't know if it's a monitor on TV effect, but that video looks really fake.

And the paranoia sets in...

Well, hopefully a counter-terrorism expert also knows how to handle interrogation and keep her story straight.

Hey wait, is that the president's aide from BSG? shelleycat thinks so too! ZOMG! I recognized someone! :)

Who doesn't want to hang out with a hot chick someone from another planet?

A new resistance? Was there an old resistance?

Okay, try to act a _little_ more suspicious you two why don't you? =P

Wonder if she had the opportunity to insert a bug into his phone?

She's upset that the humans are fighting? WTH? shelleycat: "Does she not know they're taking over the entire planet?"

Ow! So how does he (or any of the sleeper Visitors really) get past his regular medical checkups anyways? Does he just not do any? What happens if one of them get caught in an accident?

Yeah, i was wondering about her voice being recognized at the time she made the 911 call, even though i didn't expect the call to be intercepted quite that quickly.

If the DEA tapped the call but 911 never got it, who do they think she was talking to?

So he's doing an expose about the Visitors but _not_ mentioning her demands from before the interview?

Uh, what was the point in drugging him and then just leaving? Did he need the time to pack or something? shelleycat: "He didn't trust him not to follow him."

Oh, she wasn't upset because he got in a fight, just because he was bad PR =P

Ahhh, the reporter is at least claiming that he did it to help them.

So did the Visitors, who are at peace, always, ever explain why they EMPed all the jets when they first arrived?

Yay! More Tudyk! :)

Okay, still pretty good :)

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