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I have a geeky confession to make. I love spreadsheets :) Or just charts and numbers in general. Perhaps they remind me of a time when i could pretend i was good at match.

(Okay, to be fair to myself, i was really good at math up until (but not including!) calculus (except for proofs, i sucked at those (i am pretty good at nested parenthetical statements however :)))

Anyways, as a warm up before diving into a car details spreadsheet i but together a little chart to figure out how much time i've been spending at stuff for the past couple days. 1 hour two wake up (30-45 minutes of hitting snooze and 15-30 minutes of frantically getting ready =) 1.5 hours on the bus to work, 8-10 hours at work, 1 hour of lunch, 1.5 hours on the bus home, 2-3 hours of internet/tv, 1 hour to shower and relax before bed, and 5-7 hours of sleep. It ends up to averaging out to 23.5 hours a day, so i guess i accounted for everything pretty well :)

Okay, now i should either work on real car research stuff, or focus on hanging out with shelleycat since she decided to break our usual patterns and come over tonight :) (Since i obviously couldn't drive over to her place for gaming last night =P)
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