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Watching the V pilot with shelleycat...

Shelleycat and i are both sad that the priest didn't get crushed by Jesus. We are baaaad :)

My god! It's full of chicks!

Did they say what the "common elements" are and we missed it? Or is it still ambiguous? I really hope it's not water again =P

Yay! Alan Tudyk! But only as a guest star =/

Nice dodge on the "are all you all attractive thing." Not to mention the implied "why the hell do you look like humans?" Though hopefully the scientists at least are being a little more persistent.

"I want him" shelleycat and i are both wondering of course "To eat?" :)

Hmmm, wandering down the dank tunnel by themselves without backup in search of terrorists, is this why Alan is only a guest star? :)

They're doing guest tours already? shelleycat: Okay, that's suspicious.

Wow, much more open and airy than what i recall of their ships from the original miniseries/series.

The Nightwatch! :)

The best way to elevate your career, agree to the condition now and report on it later.

Owwwww! So the aliens don't have skulls?

"We've evolved into natural Buddhas"?

*snerk* Universal Health Care provided by the aliens! Way to work in the issues of the day! :)

Well that and the terrorism thing of course. Did they do the sleeper cell thing in the original? I never actually watched either the miniseries or the series all the way through, just saw bits and pieces.

That's a pretty damn obvious spy/assassination drone =P

shelleycat: "No way! I didn't see that coming even though i knew he was guest starring!"
(Me neither!)

Double tap! Double tap damn it!

Triple tap might have been a good idea in this case...

Wait, what happened to the rest of them? There was lots of fighting and all of the sudden there was no one left.

So we've still got the inter-species relationships thing going on... I wonder if there will actually be inter-breeding as well, and if they'll actually make any attempt to explain it.

The most powerful weapon: Devotion. Oh yeah, and Sex :)

And the preview indicates that i was right about that triple tap thing =P

I guess Alan is making a career out of this surprise villain thing? :)

I'm getting the same kind of early excitement i had with the BSG remake, "so how closely will they follow the original and what will they change?"

Remakes in the same medium seem to have a lot more leeway, in my mind at least, then things like adapting a book to a movie. If a movie changes things when based on a book then they're not doing it right, if it's a TV series remaking a TV series then they're being creative. That's probably not fair, but it's what my brain seems to default to.
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