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Huh, wonder how that's going to turn out...

I was reminded by stormfeather this afternoon that the new Wheel of Time book is out. I haven't actually kept current with the series since 1998 or so, or just after the eighth book i guess. I'd heard that Jordan had died of course, and that Sanderson had been chosen to wrap things up, but i hadn't been keeping track of exact publication dates or anything since there are still three or four other books i'd need to read first. At this point i probably ought to just wait till everyone else has finished reading the series and can let me know if it's actually worth it to catch up, especially since at this point it would probably involve rereading the whole series.

And hey! Audible is advertising the book too! "The Gathering Storm"? That doesn't really sound like an appropriate title for the last book in a series... "the first of a three volume conclusion"?!? WTH???!? "It is the first of three volumes Sanderson is writing from Jordan's notes, and which were originally intended to be a single final volume" Okay, this series is NEVER going to end! =P :)
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