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Yay! There's a Dollhouse tonight!!

Dollhouse episode 2-4:

One year ago... i forget, what's the regular term for dolls?

So what percentage of the people at the show are dolls? And how many are just bought off? And how many thing it's a real art show?

So are we done with the flashback now?

Presumably Sierra wasn't _actually_ a paranoid-schizophrenic? She didn't seem that way in the flashback.

Wait, Saunders is gone? Wasn't she the head person? I'm confused...

So they're retconning that the people in charge didn't know who Sierra went to confront at the time?

Okay, so the person in charge isn't Saunders...

This seems like a great time for "oops, i don't know how that assassin program got activated"

Oh! Saunders is the doctor! When did she leave?

Uh, Topher has no morals, but treats his playthings well, isn't that kinda the definition of sociopath? =P

Oops, i didn't realize we'd gone back to flashback mode...

Was Sierra the one Topher was using for his playmate? I can't remember...

He did, didn't he? :) Oh, he actually put her original personality back... i hope he at least gave her some training modules to go with it.

God damn it, just kill him now!!! Less talking, more killing!


What the hell is Topher doing there? Oh, i guess someone called in a security alert or something.

Okay, that was a pretty good character development episode. But a whole month without more Dollhouse episodes? *pouts*

In theory i should be heading off to Ruin now, but i'm kinda tired, and shelleycat and i were thinking of doing some more apartment hunting tomorrow morning. I think i may just be lazy this (two) week(s).
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