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An actual short post...

Ack! Too many choices! I know my current cell phone plan has expired and i'm very tempted to get a smartphone, the problem is, which one? The iPhone with AT&T would probably be my choice of last resort. I could stick with Sprint and get a PalmPre or HTC Hero, i could switch to T-Mobile and get a HTC Magic/myTouch 3G, or starting next month i could switch to Verizon and get a Droid. As if that wasn't confusion enough, there are about 40 more Android phones that are supposedly coming out in the "near future." It certainly doesn't help that Consumer Reports is somewhat behind on its smartphone reviews.

The phone part aside, i've been fairly happy with Sprint as a provider. Verizon supposedly has better service (although Consumer Reports ratings are kind of weird) but they also charge $20 more a month for the exact same plan as Sprint.
Tags: geeky, shopping
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