DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Okay, i lied :)

Since the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode i was going to watch was also preempted by the baseball game, i ended up watching a Star Trek rerun, one which i had never actually seen before in fact. It started out with a red shirt getting killed (of course) and shortly after that McCoy tells Kirk "I know what it means to you to lose a crewman," to which my mental response was "it means the start of another episode!", but Kirk's _actual_ response was "That's only one down doctor. There's over 400 more up there in orbit" the implication supposedly being that he's worried they might be at risk from some nearby Klingons, but it sounded more like he was checking off a list of people to get killed :) The episode was also notable because it featured a new variation of McCoy's line that i hadn't heard before, "I'm a doctor, not an escalator!" :) And Kirk and Spock's attempt to make bows and arrows out of twigs and bark was _far_ more amusingly pathetic than Kirk's more infamous construction of a gun from raw materials.

(...why is it that the automatic dictionary has "Klingon" in it but not "Klingons"?)

And when the episode was over the next thing on on that channel was... the Lingerie Football League. A women's football league i could certainly understand, and would probably even find at least somewhat more appealing than regular football, but in lingerie? WTF?

Also, i heard a couple weeks ago that KMFDM was having a concert tonight. And then on monday at Wumpskate i found out that Covenant is doing a performance at Das Bunker tonight as well. I was feeling a little bad that two of my favorite goth/industrial bands were doing concerts and i wasn't able to motivate myself enough to arrange things to go see either of them, but since i ended up getting sick and shouldn't go out now anyways i guess i don't need to feel bad anymore :)

(I could so easily have made that into two, possibly even three posts, aren't i being good? ;)
Tags: geeky

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