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You asked for it...

Well at least a couple people did. Here are some pictures of my new duct tape wallet, side by side with my old wallet for comparison. I'm sure there's some way i could have just posted a link to the gallery, but i got bored trying to figure it out and just did the image links instead.

Clearly the duct tape isn't quite up to the task of standing up on its own, but that's not really a requirement for a wallet :) I've got a couple ideas for my next attempt, but i need to figure out where to go to get better duct tape. And i need to decide if the next one should be black, silver, or both.

Okay, i think that's all the posts i've got to post for awhile... oh, wait, there's also a Dollhouse episode tonight... no, wait, there isn't! Why isn't there a Dollhouse episode? *pouts*

Edit: Oh! Because there's a baseball game =P
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