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Duct tape

Awhile ago someone, i'm pretty sure it was ceph, showed me a really awesome duct tape wallet. I thought the idea was pretty cool, but didn't think much more about it at the time.

After some urging on the part of shelleycat i actually started vaguely looking for a new wallet a couple months ago. By vaguely i mean i've taken a look at the wallets whenever we go by a place selling them, which has happened once or twice. And the reason shelleycat has been urging me to do so is because my wallet is currently about... twenty years old? And has been gradually falling apart for probably at least a decade. (Needless to say this is the only wallet i've ever owned.)

The problem is that nobody seems to make wallets like mine anymore. It's got two full length main pockets, and along the front it has two, well technically three half sized (ie credit card sized) pockets on each size. The big difference compared to the current popular design is that these pockets are horizontal rather than vertical. One of the pockets on each size i don't use because they would swallow up a credit card completely. The other two are about 75% the length of a credit card. Also unlike the current wallets mine isn't, er, tiered at all. It's just a solid stack of cards inside the pockets so you have to pry them apart and peer a little to see which is which. I don't generally find that a problem though since i keep all the cards i commonly use in a regular order.

So tonight's Mythbusters episode about duct tape started out with them showing off a duct tape wallet, which reminded me about the whole idea. So now i'm wondering if i can just make a new wallet like my old one rather than doing more apparently fruitless searches at wallet-selling places :)
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