DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Wump wump wump

Clearly i am an aberrant goth or something (yes, i'm sure we knew that already =) Generally speaking i don't find gory makeup to be at all attractive or interesting. Oh yeah, and did i mention that Wumpskate was last night and it was Zombie Skate this month? :)

Last night also marked the first time in at least a decade where i've managed to fall down completely of my own account while rollerblading. Well, mostly anyways. I'm partially blaming the fact that Xian had told us all to skate clockwise for a bit. (I'm not sure why we spend 90% of the time going counter-clockwise. I'd say it's because it's easier to go that way, but that would probably be circular logic. Er, so to speak =) I'm reasonably good at going the other way now, and can usually do cross-overs around the corners, but i'm still a little more wobbly, and i ended up stumbling. Even that's not too unusual though, i stumble on fairly regular basis but most of the time i'm able to recover. It seemed like i was probably going to manage to do so this time as well, but then i realized the act of recovery was about to take me right into someone else, and instead of of colliding with them and possibly still recovering anyways i veered off and didn't. Luckily all i got out of it was a slightly pink spot on one knee.

It was also a very social night, at least as far as things go for me. A girl had a brief conversation with me, while she was skating backwards, about Serenity. This was prompted by my Serenity t-shirt which i was wearing because Reavers are almost like zombies, right? :) The guy who'd been giving me some tips on skating backwards last month was mocking running into me a couple times, and a group of people who were doing a crack the whip type thing (i learned about that from the Sesame Street christmas special! =) towards the end of the night grabbed me to join the end of the chain.

So aside from all the exciting stuff it was a pretty normal Wumpskate night. Got there about 9:10 or 9:15, but there were about a dozen people in the ticket line when i got in, so i think they'd actually just opened. Skated for a bit, gave shelleycat a call, got some tacos, skated some more, and spent most of the last twenty minutes skating backwards. Got home about 1:45 and got to sleep about 2. And then got up at 5 so i could get into work early =P

The cynical part of me thinks i'm probably about as good at skating backwards now as i'm ever going to get. I can skate around at a moderate speed for fairly prolonged periods of time, which probably puts me at better than about 80% of the people out there, and that's about as good as i ever get at anything.

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