DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


Went to Ruin friday night and had an awesome time.

Got there about 11:15 and hit the dance floor right away of course. And after dancing for awhile i got kissed by a cute girl! ... on the hand ...and i saw her doing the same thing to several other people as well, so it wasn't like she was hitting on me, but still nice :)

There were lots of other cute girls there as well of course. Including one who was wearing a mesh shirt and a vest and... nothing else on top as far as i could tell. All in all i think i may have a couple new club crushes now :)

Took a break around midnight to give shelleycat a call, and just about the time i got back inside they started a performance thing. There was a cute goth belly dancer, who danced for a bit before being joined by another cute goth belly dancer and they danced together for awhile, then the first dancer left so the second one could dance on her own for a bit, and the the first one returned, but this time with a large snake wrapped around her :)

After that it was just pretty much more dancing. They turned the lights on at 2:30 when the club was theoretically supposed to close, but Xian kept playing music for another 15 minute or so :) On the way out i was brave and told one of the cute regulars that she had an awesome outfit, to which i think she said "thanks" and not much else.

Got out to my car right before 3 and got home about 3:30. Then i poked around at the internet and random games until going to bed at about 5:30 =P
Tags: clubs

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