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Darn, i forgot to thaw out more frozen cheeseburgers. Luckily at the point i realized this i had just enough time to go to Carl's Jr and get a Big Carl (which is almost a good price/calories deal) and splurged on some fried zucchini (which definitely isn't, but is yummy =)

Dollhouse episode 2-3

So we're back to creepy psychotic stuff i guess.

Yay! Corporate malfeasance! :)

Ohh! And cute science assistant is back!

...for a second there Ballard almost seemed like he was channeling Mal :)

Huh, i guess Wardrobe and Make-up is supposed to be part of the agency that we haven't seen before.

...! Is that Colonel Tigh?!?

shelleycat tells me that Ballard is actually someone from BSG too, so clearly being able to recognize Tigh was more the exception than the rule :) Now that i've looked up who he is (Helo) i recognize him though.

How does an English professor make enough to rent an Active?

I've read SF stories before in which they make copies of people and use that as part of an interrogation technique, in this case they're rather limited though since it's only a mental copy and they don't actually want to damage an Active.

Well intentionally causing the car he was in to crash was a bit risky, but since he knows he's not in his own body i guess it's not that unreasonable...

How is it that they have some kind of remote link with the Actives but can't trace it? If nothing else they ought to be able to triangulate the signal.

What you want to bet that the remote wipe also messes up Echo? :)

So normally they need all kind of fancy equipment to implant a personality, but now they're able to do it remotely by accident?

So given that Echo has shown a tendency to remember past implants, having gotten implanted with a psychopath might have unfortunate future implications if Whedon is feeling evil.

...and yes, it looks like he's going to be evil =P

Okay, this was a lot better than the previous two episodes, yay! :)
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