DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Last weekend

Friday: I spent a couple hours playing the Race for the Galaxy AI, and keeping track of my success rate. It figures that it was just at the start of a huge losing streak =P I watched Dollhouse at 9 and then stayed up wayyyy too late playing other random little games.

Saturday: Went over to shelleycat's place and we went to see Zombieland. Well, with a stop by Islands first so i could get a couple drinks. shelleycat seemed to think it was important to see the movie in at least a slightly altered state. I think she just enjoys excuses to get me tipsy :)

Zombieland was very good. If you don't mind a moderate amount of gore (seemed moderate to me anyways, it was probably a trivial amount to people who really like such things) and have ever had the urge to shout at a character in a show after they've just knocked the bad guy down, "Yes! Now shoot him again! Or kick him in the head! Or something! No!!! Don't just stand there and stare at him!!!" then you probably ought to see this movie :) The only real disappointment is that if you've seen the trailer, that is the only "Zombie Kill of the Week," and that is almost the only un-zombified person you're going to see for the whole movie outside of the group that we spend 99% of the time following. (shelleycat and i were both expecting a lot more hopping around to different situations rather than a road trip movie.) That said, it's still very funny.

We went by Borders after that and i bought several books (tipsy book shopping! It seems that mixed drinks either have a much smaller or much slower effect on me than beer or cider) and then went back to Islands to get some actual dinner. (We thought about going by the Italian place with the awesome butternut squash ravioli, except it turns out they closed recently =/ )

Sunday: Got up kind of early (for us on a sunday anyways =) got some brunch, stopped by the local japanese bakery to get some snacks, then watched Spirited Away, which i had never actually seen before. (Have owned the DVD for several years, just never got around to watching it on my own.) After that we watched the first "real" episode of season 4 of BSG. Thank the gods that they've _finally_ gotten rid of that "and they have a plan" bit from the intro, because that so clearly stopped being true sometime in... season two i think? The beginning of season three at the latest.
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