DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


I know i watched the trailer for the new episode last week, but i can't remember what it was about at all now...

Dollhouse episode 2-2:

Oh yeah, crazy mom thing. Which i guess explains Tovar's(?) comments about glandular stuff earlier...

Clearly "search through your clients stuff" is behaviour that's carrying over between personalities :)

Okay, presumably he doesn't know about the problems that the Actives in general and Echo in particular have, but even so, shouting about how they need to get rid of her in the same house rather than going outside and using a cellphone or something seems a bit dumb. Or at least keeping his voice down.

Is Foil Hat Man going to be their version of Cigarette Smoking Man or Horn-Rimmed Glasses Man? :)

Okay, they _know_ how flakey Echo can be, you think they'd be a little more subtle showing up.

Does he not want the police to hear the key phrase? Her reaction might seem strange to them, but since they're basically setting her up as a crazy person saying she needs a "treatment" might actually make sense.

"Can i be his mom?" Wouldn't now be the time to smile and nod until backup arrives?

Okay, another so-so episode where nothing much happens.

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