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I finished up almost everything on my task early tuesday afternoon. There were a few small problems that cna't be resolved until other people finish their tasks, and one part that looked like it would take a long time to get done, which i figured i would get done after vacation.

While i was at work i talked to Morna, and she said that she was getting out of work at 8:15 and asked if i was interested in doing something together. Allyn was flying out of town to visit her ex-east-coast-boyfriend (assuming of course that she actually sticks to that, i suppose that it's some consolation that i'm not the only one that was dumped in one form or another) so i had no reason not to do something with her. Even if Allyn hadn't been out of town i probably would have rather spent time with Morna. I hadn't gotten to see Morna too much lately, she has as much right to my time now as Allyn does, and seeing her wouldn't be as painful as seeing Allyn would be.

Kialyn had also said that she was interested in hanging out before i went to see Morna, so i checked in my code as quick as i could and left at about 4. Traffic was fairly good given the time of day, apparently i had gotten off just before the main rush hour crunch, so it only took me an hour to get home.

Kialyn had called the apartment while i was on my way home, so i called her back as soon as i got there, and said that i would come pick her up.

We went out to Denny's, and were served by the cute waitress. She acted friendly, but i'm not sure if she even recognized me or not =/

I had a snack since i was planing on going to dinner with Morna later. Well, it was a little more than a snack. I ordered a bowl of soup and the Sampler appetizer. Kialyn had said that she'd help me eat some of the appetizer, but ended up not, so i ate almost all of it myself.

We went back to the apartment and watched some Utana together with Shawkial. Buffy came on at 8, and i asked Kialyn if i should take her back to the dorm, and she said that she'd just stay there and watch Buffy with Shawkial and Gwri.

I went to the mall and wandered about Robinsons May until Morna got off at 8:15. She said that she could drive while we went to dinner and then she'd take me back to my car later. We went to a place that was kind of a cross between a mexican resturant and a family diner. We had tacos and Morna had some flan for dessert.

We talked about capitalism and love and soulmates and lots of other things. I wish i was able to spend time with her and talk with her like that more often.

Morna said that Bricriu wouldn't be getting home until midnight, and suggested that we should go back to her place and watch a movie, to which i happily agreed. We rented Shrek at her local video store.

I got to rub Morna's back and snuggle with her while we watch the movie, it was very nice. I miss being able to touch her and hold her. I wish i knew something i could do that would make her love me again.

We got done at about 11:30 and Morna drove me back to the mall so i could get my car.

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