DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


Meme stolen from qotcpcf:

Unlimited Resources: Knowledge

Lets assume for this game:

- you can learn anything
- you don't need to make money
- you have infinite time

What are the three (or more) most fascinating and complex subjects you have ever encountered and would choose to study?

My answers:

Advanced math and physics. I was naturally good at everything up to (but not including!) calculus, and was rather sad at being so limited thereafter.

Electrical engineering and OS design. I would like to be able to, in theory at least, construct my own computer from the ground up. At the most basic level i only have the fuzziest idea of how this machine i make my living off of operates.

Metalworking. I'd like to be able to find and identify the proper ores, smelt them, and then make something useful out of the result.

And as an afterthought, since it doesn't necessarily involve learning per se, i'd like to get enough practice at writing to actually become good at it.
Tags: memes

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