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Okay, all showered, got some cheeseburgers cooking, and Dollhouse starts in 15 minutes :)

... make that zero minutes :)

Hmmm, not only have i not watched the DVD only final episode, i don't remember what exactly was going on at the end of last season =P (Other than the obvious Alpha and Omega bit)

I can't remember if the cute science assistant was an Active or not. Was the doctor the only surprise one?

Is it just me or is the doctor acting more flighty now? Seems a somewhat strange reaction to finding out your whole life is a lie. Come to think of it, when does her contract expire? Doesn't she now know what he maximum lifespan is?

I'm trying to think of what could be kinkier about this situation other than the whole wedding being a fake, because that really doesn't seem that bad. Very sad in a psychological sense, but not that kinky.

Okay, she hasn't been turned off yet, so it's definitely more complicated than that... hmmm, so er... Ballard is running a sting? How long must this have been going on to convince a criminal to get married to an Active?

Number one? As in the first Active created? Or just in some kind of ranking?

"I know why I'm here." "I'm here for the booze" :)

Okay, i'm still confused on how he got conned into marrying her in the first place. How long has this op been going on?

Oh hey, we just learned on Mythbusters that holding on to a car like that is impossible :)

So a couple hints of things, but it doesn't seem like any major new developments so far.
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